Early in our careers, we have all sorts of professional support to help guide us, but as we progress years down the road, that support tends to dwindle. This is especially true as we shift into private practice or begin to practice remotely or via telehealth, away from colleagues and supervisors who work just down the hall.  

There is nothing particularly mysterious leading therapists to seek treatment of their own. Let's face it, we're real humans just like the people we treat and also have struggles of our own: relationship challenges, boundary issues, trying to maintain work/life balance, and yes, even mood disturbances, perfectionism, and our own historical traumas.  Then, we hold space for other humans for hours at a time where we strain every last synapse in our brains to help our clients connect the dots and heal... all while keeping our own countertransference in check.  Whoa.

Then, when you finally decide you're ready to start taking care of YOU, how the heck do you turn off your "therapist brain" and allow yourself to be the patient? How do you allow yourself to be "held" by another professional? 

It sometimes takes the outstretched hand of another calm, grounded therapist who can lovingly call us out on our bullshit, help us illuminate our own shadows, and walk with us as we find the path of peace in our personal and professional worlds. 


I would love to chat and see if I might be the one to walk with you, whether you are a newly licensed therapist seeking supervision (I am an AZ state approved Clinical Supervisor), a more seasoned practitioner looking to become your best self, or if you're looking for entrepreneurial coaching to launch into private practice yourself!