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I get it. These are challenging times, but you're not alone; I'm here to help!


If you're a resident of Arizona, I can offer therapeutic services via telehealth, a convenient and safe way to get the help you need from the comfort and safety of your own home.  Read more HERE.


If you live outside of Arizona and your needs are not acute or clinical, coaching may be a great way to get some extra support, one-on-one education, and accountability.  You can reach more about the difference between therapy and coaching HERE.

Feeling a little disconnected?

Feeling stressed or anxious?

Feeling "untethered" in the face of uncertainty?


Let's gather and support each other!


I hosting regular free, live, weekly community support events every week where we can join energy in a positive, solution-focused, recovery-minded environment, and learn:

  • coping skills

  • grounding techniques

  • guided meditations & visualization

  • stress management tools

  • how to cool panic responses

  • staying regulated for our families

  • self-care

  • and how to find balance in a world that feels rather unbalanced

➜ Please follow me HERE to participate!

*These gatherings are solely for the purpose of peer support and education. They are NOT clinical or therapeutic services. If you need therapeutic support, please ask your primary care provider, insurance company, or check to begin work with a licensed therapist in your state.

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phoenix, AZ

In Phoenix, I practice as a therapist at Empowerment Treatment & Counseling.  Our office is conveniently located just south of the 101 freeway, on the NW corner of 59th Avenue and Union Hills.  The suite is upstairs, on the western end of the building, with a birds-eye view of Rita's & Shine Dentistry.


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