Online Therapy

You're busy. You've got a million different demands of your time and attention, but who has time to go to therapy?


Teletherapy, telemedicine, telehealth, online therapy, and video counseling are all synonymous with a relatively new way of delivering counseling services using technology. While services run the spectrum of everything from intensive live video to text/chat support coaching, it is easy to see that people are interested in accessing mental health care online.  In this day and age, not everyone can make it to a physical office once a week to work on their "stuff:" people want counseling that is convenient and flexible. 

Currently, Kimberly Mahr is offering services via telehealth only.


Some reasons online therapy or tele-health may be a good fit for you, could include:

  • Health and safety concerns (including public health concerns such as a pandemic, or if there are concerns related to compromised immunity or mobility) 

  • Transportation (including access, costs for transit and/or parking, vehicle dependability)

  • Caregiver responsibilities (including eldercare, childcare, and partner care)

  • Accessibility (including physical limitations, mental health limitations)

  • Convenience (available when you are available—even during your lunch hour)

  • Weather (when weather is either unpredictable or epic—who wants to commute in that crud?!)

  • Work/life balance (asking for time off work is a drag and gets expensive)

  • No interruption of therapy (you can keep your momentum while out of town on business or personal trips)

  • Flexibility (maybe you come in-office for some sessions, and do others from home!)

  • Comfort (who doesn’t want to do therapy while wearing slippers with a dog in your lap?)

  • Privacy (no awkward waiting room encounters with people you might know)

  • Cost savings (no loss of income for time away, no gas or childcare expenses)

  • Safety (ideal for victims of intimate partner violence or other safety concerns)

Some situations when online therapy or telehealth may not be appropriate include:

  • Complex mental health diagnoses such as active addiction, complex trauma, dissociation, visual and/or auditory hallucinations, new recovery from addictions or eating disorders, self-harm, recent suicidal or homicidal thoughts.

  • Those under the age of 18.

  • Those with poor internet connection (you must have a reliable internet connection with at least 750kb/s download and upload speeds, the latest operating system for your computer or smart device, and the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari 11+)

  • Those with a lack of privacy for sessions.

  • Your therapist will make a clinical recommendation based on their understanding of your needs and situation.


Gone are the days when we should accept that life-changing counseling can only happen in a therapist's office miles away from our own homes. Today we have the ability to access the same services from the comfort of our homes or offices where we do life each and every day. Online counseling provides a great (and equally effective) alternative to in-office counseling and is another avenue that enables us to get the help we need. 


I can support clients who reside anywhere in Arizona, from the convenience of their work and/or home.  I'm here to help!