You’re smart, hard-working, and always pushing yourself to be better.


Overall, you’re successful... but it's not enough... something doesn’t feel quite right. In some ways, the older you get, the less you have to struggle, but in other ways, life just keeps getting more complicated. More responsibilities. More stress. And you still don't feel satisfied!


Folks who are driven and successful often put a TON of pressure on themselves. Having a type-A personality can help propel you forward, but perfectionism can also be limiting.  Fear of making a mistake might paralyze you and prevent you from taking any action at all. Holding others to a standard of perfection can make them seem endlessly disappointing and frustrating, sometimes ruining relationships.... but holding yourself to that standard can dampen joy in all areas of your life!


As a recovering perfectionist myself, and as someone who has helped coach many people off the hamster wheel of perfectionism, I can help you explore the origins of  this unrelenting drive and help support you as you learn more functional ways to derive value and meaning and define your worth.