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Kimberly Mahr, MSC, LAC, NCC, CCTP and Best Damn You® LLC is a fee-for-service practice where payment is due in full at the time of your session.  

Clinical Therapy Rates are as follows:


*established clients only

Other Fees for Services

  • Credit/Debit Convenience fee (swiped) $ 3

  • Credit/Debit Convenience fee (typed) $ 5

  • First late cancel/no-show fee $ 60

  • Subsequent late cancel/no-show fee* $ 125

  • Letters/Reports $ 100/hr

  • Participation in Legal Processes $ 125/hr

  • Travel time $ 50/hr

Coaching/Transformation Mentorship Services

  • These non-clinical, non-therapeutic services are contracted according to needs.

  • Read more here.




Kimberly Mahr is not a participating provider with any insurance panels.


Best Damn You® LLC and Kimberly Mahr, MSC, LAC, NCC, CCTP do not work directly with any managed care or insurance companies and do not submit claims for on behalf of clients.

If you wish to seek possible reimbursement for out-of-network therapy services, she can provide you with an optional receipt at each session that contains the information (including your diagnosis, date of services, amounts paid, etc.) insurance companies typically need to process your request. If you wish to submit these to your insurance provider, it will be your responsibility to save and submit them in a timely manner, according to your provider's guidelines.

Not all insurance companies and plans reimburse for "out-of-network" therapy services, however if this is important to you, you are strongly encouraged to contact your insurance carrier to inquire about benefits and policies prior to your first appointment. Not all therapy services provided will be covered and each type of service may be reimbursed at a different rate. 


Even if you choose not to file with your insurance, your therapy sessions with Best Damn You® LLC and/or Kimberly Mahr, MSC, LAC, NCC, CCTP may be tax deductible as a medical expense.  Please check with your personal tax preparer or CPA for guidance on this.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that Best Damn You® LLC and Kimberly Mahr are not responsible for reimbursement or denial of reimbursement for any reason.

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