sex & dating

One of the main reasons people seek therapy is for help with intimate and close relationships.

As humans, forming connections is one of our primary needs and motivations. These relational connections could be with family members, co-workers or colleagues, or with friends, but one of the primary areas of difficulty is in romantic relationships.

Look, it's no secret that romantic relationships can be both amazing and empowering while being frustrating and hurtful. Whenever adults come together romantically, we bring with us the baggage from our childhoods and often the ghosts of former partners.  If not lovingly and supportively addressed, these echoes from the past can cloud communication, cause unwanted hurt, and inflict pain. 


And while relationship counseling tends to be viewed as something for only relationships in crisis, there are many reasons people in relationships might pursue it:  to improve communication, to learn how to assert wants and needs in a healthy manner, to identify each partner's love language and to create safety and enhance connection.

Relationship counseling can also be helpful for those who aren't currently in romantic relationships, but are looking to make better choices as they engage in dating.