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Hailey Araza

Let’s shoot straight: I’m a people person. I love meeting and getting to know new people and have a knack for making people feel safe and comfortable.  These traits allow me to create an environment of acceptance and healing in therapy. 


My Education: 

I’m a proud Sun Devil, graduating from Arizona State University Cumma Sum Laude with a degree in psychology (forks up!).  During my time in undergraduate studies at ASU, I began my ongoing engagement in spiritual and faith exploration and volunteer work which deepened my passion for helping.


After leaving ASU, I continued my education as a graduate with distinction from the Masters in Counseling program at Northern Arizona University. There I learned all about not only the science, but art of counseling. Being a little nerdy, I geeked out on learning not only the latest therapeutic interventions, but about the most magical and healing element of successful therapy, the therapeutic relationship.


I am proud to be a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and a member of Chi Sigma Iota (honor society for counselors).  I am EMDR and Brainspotting trained enjoy using these highly effective tools to help clients resolve recent and past traumas and improve overall functioning.


Me, as a psychotherapist:

Probably influenced by completing my practicum and internship experiences during a global pandemic, I understand that because we ARE ALL impacted by the world around us and experiences that are out of our control, and sometimes it’s not as simple as just changing our minds in order to change our lives. 


My style is client-lead, knowing that YOU are the expert on you and your experience. I will partner with you, hear you, help you identify meaningful goals, teach you new tools, brainstorm solutions, and reprocess historical experiences that are getting in the way of you thriving and living your best life.


We all need a little support or guidance from time to time. As a clinician I see you as a whole, worthy individual who deserves happiness and peace in your life, and that YOU completely capable of achieving this!

I am passionate about helping folx heal from traumatic experiences, developmental traumas, and in supporting individuals from all walks of life in exploring their gender and sexual identities.  I also love walking beside people who are exploring their own connections to "source," be it faith or spirituality, and with those who are in the process of deconstruction and realignment.

Photo of Hailey Araza LAC
Photo of Hailey Araza LAC

I love working with adults and high school aged teens from all walks of life. I am aware of the infinite identities varying by age, ethnicity, culture of origin, sexual origination, gender identity, religious affiliation, and more. I am a friend and ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am dedicated to honoring every individual in the ways that make them unique and valuable and intentionally create a safe and accepting environment for all people.  

Me, as a person:

Recently returned to metro Phoenix from Flagstaff, my partner and I have a new house, a cross-eyed cat, and dog that fill our days with busy-ness, responsibility, and joy.  I love cozy and slow mornings with a cup of coffee, finding a recipe and realizing I have all the ingredients, and sitting in front of the fire with a good book or coloring page. Some of my passions include cooking, crafting, DIY home decor, and meditating.


I am a lifelong learner and am passionate about holistic wellness (mind, body, spirit connections) and mindfulness. My personal life goal is to continue to become a better version of myself with every year. For me, that means constant practice and growth in my spirituality, relationships, and mental health. 

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