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Why Therapy?

Why Therapy? Because life can be hard and things don't often work out as magically as we had hoped they would when we were kids daydreaming about our futures. 


We've all got stuff: relationship challenges, struggles with school or work, financial challenges, kids or aging parents, and health concerns.... not to mention dealing with those nasty inner voices telling us we "should" be doing more/better, that we're "not enough," and that something is "wrong" with us.

We wake up, day after day, with a sense of "ughh...I have to do it all again today?" when all we really want is some peace and contentment.  We wish there was a way to find some calmness... some relief from the worry, relief from the relentless drive to be perfect, or relief from the profound sadness.  And we wish there was a way to get rid of that nagging feeling that somehow we are our own biggest block to a life of contentment and fulfillment.

It's rare that we ever really figure these things out on our own... even those of us who are lucky enough to have good friends and family members to talk things out with.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had someone safe to unburden your heart with? Someone who is not only well-trained, but cares deeply and respects you and your journey? Someone who has good boundaries and can help you sift through old stories and patterns to uncover the best damn version of you that you always knew was there??

Wouldn't it feel nice to be able to quiet the critical voices in your head, calm the fears and worries, and be able to listen to your heart again?

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