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Life Transitions
Therapy in Arizona & Florida

Major life transitions can be tricky to navigate even under the best circumstances. Regular life changes such as these can knock us off balance and be difficult to manage on our own.

  • Getting married

  • Growing a new family

  • Blending a family

  • Sending kids off to college

  • Going off to college

  • Caring for aging parents

  • Medical challenges

  • Divorce or separation

  • Significant financial changes

  • Legal entanglements

  • Loss of an important loved one

  • Re-careering

  • Retirement

  • and many more...


When life changes prove too difficult, it can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, friction within relationships, poor job/academic performance – and can often interfere with the process of change itself.  On the flip side, the experience of change during these transitions can positively influence personal growth, and dealing with a change successfully may leave you feeling stronger, more confident, and better prepared for whatever life throws at you!

I enjoy working with clients during these transitions, helping them create new narratives about themselves, get back in touch with their values and what’s important to them, and helping teach them coping skills to more effortlessly navigate the changes of life.  Having a seasoned mental health professional on your team as a solid sounding board, cheerleader, coach, and sometimes even a supportive ass-kicker can make a huge difference in making these transitions easier and the outcomes more positive.

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