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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Certified A.R.T. Therapist 
Serving Arizona & Florida

Why A.R.T.?


Accelerated Resolution Therapy is one of many therapeutic techniques we use to help you resolve the issues that are getting in the way of living your best life.  But, unlike traditional talk therapy (which can and does work well for many), ART reprograms the way distressing memories are stored in the brain so they  no longer trigger strong emotional or physical responses.

What Is A.R.T. Like?


First, it's important to know that you will be in total control of the therapy.


These sessions are very similar to a typical individual therapy session, just with an added technique. We can often resolve one issue fully in just one session, but a course of up to 5 sessions may be recommended.


I will ask you to rate the intensity of your emotions when you think of your "problem" and will then engage you in a series of eye movements while you're thinking about a problem just like you're watching a movie.


I will regularly check in with you in between "sets" of eye movements and ask you to describe what you experience in your body.


I may ask you a few direct questions that you can focus on while using eye movements; you may be better able to answer questions while using ART’s eye movements because they increase your ability to solve problems.

The Best Parts of ART


  1. You can't do it wrong!  The eye movements tend to relax you and they allow your brain to do the work.

  2. You don't have to share out loud any of the disturbing parts of your "problem." You will simply show your brain the "problem" in pictures, and let it roll from there.

  3. Using ART interventions, clients replace negative images or "snapshots" with positive images. Subsequently, when clients think about their problems, it is the new, positive images they recall!

  4. Even the most anxious clients often report that once they get the hang of the eye movements, they become calmer!

  5. My clients leave our ART sessions feeling like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

Flyer describing ART therapy

Collaborate With Us!


If you are an Arizona therapist who is working with complex clients who need a little help getting un-stuck, I am a Certified ART therapist and I'd love to collaborate with you!

I can work with your clients for 1-5 sessions to address specific targets then send them back to you!

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