Getting Help...

Just like if you had a chronic knee pain that was disrupting your sleep, keeping you from doing the things in life, disrupting relationships or ability to work, or impairing your quality of life, you'd see a doctor.  Sometimes mental and mood health also requires professional support so you can get back to the business of being your best damn you®.

Here are a few of our specialties...



Mood Support: Anxiety/Depression

Everyone feels down or stressed out from time to time. Work is busy. Schedules are overwhelming. You’re not getting enough sleep, and you’d rather spend the day at home in your sweats in front of the TV. We’ve all been there.

But sometimes it's more than that...


Self Esteem

Nobody is born with low self-esteem – it develops as a result of the experiences we have throughout our lives. At the centre of low self-esteem are the beliefs and opinions we hold about ourselves. We tell ourselves stories about who we are and form conclusions about ourselves. While there are lots of ways to improve your self-esteem on your own, working with a qualified therapist can help you uncover and heal the causes of these challenges, and turbo-boost re-building your self-esteem...



Eating Disorders

Eating disorders and disordered eating can come in many forms;  anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, but also, dangerously covert patterns such as yo-yo dieting, extreme "clean" eating, following restrictive fad diets, self-diagnosed exclusionary eating rules, and compulsive over-exercise...


Trauma & PTSD

Trauma can be any experience that leaves a lasting negative effect on you. It can be big and obvious or small, incremental & quite covert.  No matter the "size" trauma can have widespread impacts over the course of your lifetime if not dealt with...



Stressful Life Changes

Major life transitions can be tricky to navigate even under the best circumstances. Regular life changes such as these can knock us off balance and be difficult to manage on our own...


Dating, Relationships & Sex

As humans, forming connections is one of our primary needs and motivations. These relational connections could be with family members, co-workers or colleagues, or with friends, but one of the primary areas of difficulty is in romantic relationships...