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Codependency &

Therapy in Arizona & Florida

Children enter the world needing nurturing, affirmation, support and direction to healthfully navigate the journey from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood. 


But sadly, due to circumstances often beyond their control, many children suffer childhood traumas or simply don't get the levels of care and concern they need from their parents or primary caregivers. It could be that mom or dad was emotionally or physically unavailable, there was addiction or violence in the home, or there was socio-economic instability, or even that the primary caregiver was struggling with their own mental health or emotional issues.  In these situations, children adapt to survive, but what works well to get a kid safely through childhood often creates unproductive and destructive patterns such as:

  • Codependency

  • Struggles with Self Esteem:  too much or too little

  • Struggles with interpersonal boundaries

  • Difficulty owning their own reality

  • Struggles identifying, communicating, and obtaining needs and wants

  • Struggles with moderation 

  • Difficulty in relationships:  avoidance or addiction

  • Dependence or needless-wantlessness

  • Challenges in attachment style: avoidant or anxious 


Early life events can impact the way adults experience the world, manage stress, their sense of self-esteem, the way in which they relate to others.  Their survival adaptations from childhood impact these now grown individuals in their ability to manage emotions and sometimes lead to physical symptoms, addictions or painful relationships; we call this developmental immaturity.

We can help you learn to deal with your history and the effects it has on your daily life and relationships, and together we can identify codependent patterns, unpack attachment dysfunctions, practice more healthful communication adn boundaries, and help you learn to more effectively regulate emotions and behaviors.  

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