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Plant Shed

Adolescent & Teen
Therapy in Arizona

Being a teenager can be hella hard.  Hormones, peer pressure, complicated family dynamics, social media, and oh yah - hormones!  Each of these alone would be enough to make a grown adult struggle, but it's even worse for teens whose brains aren't fully developed and are developmentally trying to individuate and figure out their own paths in life.


We know how difficult it can be for teens to admit they need help, muchless for adults to admit that their teen needs help, but there are certain problems that you may not be able to solve as a parent. Some issues would benefit from professional counseling and intervention: behavior problems, emotional problems, mental health issues, substance abuse problems, eating disorders, stress, relationship difficulties, and traumatic experiences. 

We work with older teens (15+) and their families to help navigate and heal from these challenges by creating a solid trusting relationship with the teen, so they can feel safe sharing with us without fear of consequences; what they share in session stays in session.  In Arizona, a minor is not considered the client; the parent(s) is/are. It is our preference, however, that parents/guardian respect the confidentiality of our relationship with their child and trust that areas of concern where safety is involved will be disclosed by me if they arise.


IMPORTANT: While some therapists/counselors will treat a minor with only one parent’s consent, this is legally tricky and can be a potential liability for the counselor. For this reason, if parents are divorced or legally separated, BOTH must be present to give consent for treatment, unless otherwise specified in a Court Order. If this is the case, we require a copy of the Court Order for our records. If parent(s) are not the acting legal guardian(s) of the minor, we require a copy of the Court Order establishing Guardianship for our records.If parents are married, only one parent is required to give consent for treatment. For more information, please see the following Arizona Revised Statutes: ARS 36-2272  & ARS 25-401

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