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Tabitha Martin

Let’s get to know each other!

Do you have a safe space? Let’s create one together - I am here to hold that space for you!


As a counselor, and a client myself, I understand the importance of feeling safe, heard, understood, validated, and challenged in a therapeutic partnership. Together we can work toward the healing and growth that leads to becoming your Best Damn You.


My Education & Experience: 

I don’t remember the date, the weather, what I was wearing, or even the name of the professor but I do remember the feeling I had when I walked out of my first Psych 101 class as an undergraduate at the University of Arizona. I found my calling and I knew I wanted to help people.


I completed my Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Psychology and a minor in Family Studies and Human Development at UA #BearDown and went into the world of social work. After three years of working with teens and young adults in foster care I decided I could be doing more. So I started my Master of Science in Counseling at the University of Phoenix. Throughout my graduate program I was able to learn from amazing, active in the field, counselors, make lifelong connections with people I am proud to call colleagues, and intern as a child and family therapist. Throughout the technical and book-learning I was also able to learn so much about myself as a counselor, the populations I love to work with, and the best ways to work collaboratively with clients.


Me, as a psychotherapist:

I am passionate about working with parents, families, and children. I utilize a trauma informed, eclectic therapeutic style to meet clients where they are. Through evidenced based practices and interventions including attachment theory, CBT, DBT, solution-focused therapy, strategic and structural family therapy, and more I can help to build effective communication, healthy attachment, problem solving and emotional regulation skills. I understand that navigating through life stages can be a struggle, and I know that you do not have to go through it alone.

I have experience working with clients of all ages focusing on a wide range of behavioral health areas including trauma processing, grief and loss, anxiety, and depression. I am LGBTQ+ and neurodiversity-affirming.

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Me, as a human:

I am a HUGE cat person, I love glitter and rainbows, and I integrate humor into every aspect of life. I am a mother (biological and foster) a wife, a sister, and a daughter. I enjoy coffee, reading about the fae, and collecting hobbies that I obsess over for a week or two and never touch again. 

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