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Grief & Loss
Therapy in Arizona & Florida

When you have experienced loss, it is natural to feel a wide range of emotions, and you might feel overwhelmed by grief. 


Grief is a powerful emotional and physical reaction to the loss of someone or something. It can follow a death of loved one, divorce, loss of an important job, or even loss of functioning due to age or illness. It is characterized by deep feelings of sadness and sorrow, and often by a powerful yearning or longing to have things be the way they were "before." Other effects of grief include feeling numb and empty, as if there is no meaning to anything, or being annoyed at yourself for how you are feeling compared to how you ‘should’ be dealing with things. You might feel angry or left you behind. Perhaps others are expecting you to be moving on and this is making you feel worse. You may also be worried that you will never feel better, or that you will not be able to cope.

Grief is also felt physically: you might be struggling to eat or sleep, or might feel sick in your stomach. These feelings may come in waves, and you may be tossed from one to another. All of these feelings are a normal part of grieving. Despite the pain, the process of grieving is an important part of being human and how we come to terms with loss. 

Powerful feelings of grief and loss are so normal and natural that they are typically not given a ‘diagnosis’ like other conditions such as anxiety or depression, unless we become stuck in it or it is complicated

If you're finding yourself "stuck" in grief, working with a qualified, compassionate therapist can help!

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