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I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and I am here to help you heal.

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About Kimberly Mahr

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Board approved Supervisor in the state of Arizona and have advanced clinical training and experience in the areas of trauma, managing moods, navigating life transitions, relationship struggles, perfectionism, and eating disorders. I use EMDR as one of many ways to help my clients find relief from all manner of challenges, and have advanced training in this modality as well.

Not your average "tell me how you feel about that" therapist, I will lock arms with you and help you peel back the layers of bad habits, stinking thinking, and break your cycle of self-defeating and self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns.  I'll lovingly hold space while we explore the historical influences of your challenges, and I'll help you learn highly effective tools and techniques to gain more control over your emotions and get you back on track to becoming your best damn you.

If you think we sound like a good fit, or if you don't know what a good fit looks like for therapy, book your free 15 minute phone consultation with me so we can talk about what you need to heal to become the best damn you™️ possible.

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