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best damn you

therapy. coaching. supervision

This is it. You're ready.
No more excuses - It's time for you to shine.
This is where you start creating the life you desire and we at Best Damn You LLC are here to help!


Life can be challenging and doesn't always work out the way we've planned. Individual therapy can help you get unstuck and onto the business of being your best damn you!


It's no secret that romantic relationships can be both amazing and empowering while being frustrating and hurtful.  We can help you navigate with or without a partner.


If you're a therapist or mental health professional, finding your own therapist can be challenging at best. Let us support you as you support others!


Good friends are awesome sounding boards, but often we need more. A great coach can help you drill down, fine tune, and crush those goals!

Therapy Sessions

Experienced, Licensed Counselors in
Arizona & Florida

We are an Arizona based psychotherapy practice offering counseling and therapy to all residents of Arizona & Florida via secure telehealth.

We are a safe place for older teens, adults, and couples from all walks of life to get the help and support they desire.

Counseling/Therapy in Arizona & Florida

If you had a chronic knee pain that was disrupting your sleep, keeping you from doing the things in life, getting in the way of relationships or ability to work, or impairing your quality of life, you'd see a doctor.  Sometimes mental and mood health also requires professional counseling support so you can get back to the business of being your best damn you™️.

Here are a few of the specialties for therapy in Arizona and Florida...

My therapist is some kind of life whisperer. Not sure what I mean? She somehow could tell me exactly what I needed to hear, when I needed to hear it ... pushing me towards change + growth. She soaked up my thoughts, fears + hard truths and was able to know how to guide me through some of the mess! She comes to the table fully prepared to be not only your cheerleader, but also your truth teller - she doesn't waste your time. She has helped me flip my mindset, look at life differently + take the steps needed to be my best damn me! She is someone you want on your support crew - trust me!"

JB - Client

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