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The Art of Giving Negative Feedback

Giving negative feedback can be a daunting process for both the individual giving the feedback and the individual receiving the feedback.

The person giving the feedback often worries about hurting the other person’s feelings, coming across as authoritative and not wanting to demotivate or discourage them. On the other hand, receivers can perceive feedback as personal criticism and a threat to their self-efficacy and self-worth*.

close up of person's hands being used to express something important with a laptop computer in background Best Damn You LLC

We've developed a tool to facilitate the process of giving negative feedback that both feedbacker and receiver would perceive as constructive and helpful.

Here's why it works:
  1. Considers the emotions and point of view (empathy) of the person receiving the feedback;

  2. Helps reframe the feedback as an opportunity for growth and learning and instilling a sense of hope and faith in the receiver’s capability for change and improvement (growth mindset);

  3. Helps identify and celebrate positive attributes of the receiver’s work (strengths).

*Ilgen, D., & Davis, C. (2000). Bearing bad news: Reactions to negative performance feedback. Applied Psychology, 49(3), 550-565.doi:10.1111/1464-0597.00031

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