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Hello. My name is Kimberly and I'm a recovering control freak.

(Ok, I can hear you snickering...but that may be the mirror laughing... amiright? 😉 )

I spent the better part of the first 40+ years of my life trying to prove that I was the Master Of The Universe™. Or at least of MY universe and those within my immediate vicinity.

I was entirely focused on making shit happen, whether by intellect, creativity, passion, caginess, or sheer force of personality, I was hell bent to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. If I wanted something I'd go out, hunt it down, and drag it back to my cave.

But here's the thing, the Universe had/has a super-fun-awesome way of reminding me (in often painful ways) that I am not (gasp!) in control. As soon as I'd start to sit back on my laurels, cross my arms with satisfaction at a job well done, and begin to relax in my all-powerful controlling-ness, the Universe would knock me on my butt with a resounding "oh no you don't!" Sometimes those reality gut-punches were of near-lethal magnitude (hello, heart attack?!).

So I started to pay attention. And I started to notice. And I started to question. If controlling/forcing/dragging-back wasn't the way to achieve satisfaction, what was???

📷: Nathalia Segato


At first, I took baby steps into ALLOWING. I'd breathe deeply (read: hyperventilate) and force (yes I see the irony) myself to ALLOW. Then I grew more intentional and mindful with my practice of ALLOWING. And guess what? The world did not (still has not, yet) crumble to pieces! WHAT?! In fact, as I inhaled ALLOWING and exhaled RELEASE, more and more of what I truly desired began to flow to me. When I released my expectations about how people "should" show up in my life they began to show up and reveal their gifts to me in AMAZING and more meaningful ways than I could have ever imagined. When I released my vice-grip on the "shoulds" of work and career, the Universe rose up to support me with abundance.

You see..

ALLOWING > FORCING. Let me repeat that. ALLOWING is more powerful, ALWAYS, than forcing.

When you open space in your heart and mind to ALLOW things to flow unto you, the Universe puts them on the fast track to you.

Are you craving meaningful relationships? Fiscal abundance? Acknowledgement and respect from your peers? Try ALLOWING these things to flow. Don't hunt them down and drag them back. Yes, do your work and lay solid foundations to pave the path for the Universe to deliver these things....but don't FORCE them.

Trust me on this one. ALLOW.

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