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Mindfulness at Work

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

When we spend too much of our energy thinking about the past or the future, it’s easy to slip into mood patterns that get in the way of contentment and joy.  Too much worrying about what might happen in the future can create feelings of anxiety, and too much dwelling on the past can lead to feelings of depression.

According to researcher Matt Killingsworth, we're actually happiest when we stay in the moment. Not only does staying present help us increase the happiness factor, it can actually increase our productivity! As much as popular culture would have us believe we can "do it all" and expectation of multi-tasking becomes the norm in most corporate cultures, science proves that multi-tasking (maintaining focus on more than one thing at a time) is actually a productivity killer. So why the heck wouldn't we want to learn how to practice mindfulness more, both at home and at work?? Seems kind of a no-brainer to me!

The practice of mindfulness is one of staying present in the moment by focusing on immediate sensory cues such as what we see, hear, taste, and feel right now. The practice of mindfulness may also include exploring your currently state of mind by noticing what you are thinking and feeling emotionally, right now.  

When you train your brain to be mindful, you’re actually remodeling its physical structure.

A practice of mindfulness is a powerful tool used by therapists and coaches to help individuals develop powerful insights and break free of the chains of anxiety, depression, and other unhealthful patterns, and there’s growing research showing that when you train your brain to be mindful, you’re actually remodeling the physical structure of your brain!

Since many of us spend a considerable amount of time every week in a work environment, wouldn’t it make sense to bring mindfulness into the workplace?

I've created a handy tip sheet 16 things you can do to bring mindfulness into your workplace and reap the rewards in all areas of your life! Simply click HERE to download it!

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